Nile Koetting Performance「Vol.0」

Nile Koetting Performance「Vol.0」


Direction: Nile Koetting
Performer: Annie Gårlid
Dramaturgie: Felipe Amaya
Co-production with: LABOR SONOR / MOVING MUSIC Festival



©Nile Koetting, Photo by Ink Agop



2016/12/17 (Sat) 19:00 open / 19:30 start
Admission ¥1,300.(Standing, limited seats)
Ticket available at PASS MARKET


1-33-10-3F, Higashi-shinagawa Shinagawa-ku TOKYO 140-0002 Japan Tel&Fax +81(0)3-6433-2988



YAMAMOTO GENDAI is pleased to announce Vol.0, an one-night performance event created by Nile Koetting on 17th December 2016, showing for the first time in Japan.


Nile Koetting, a Berlin-based artist, is examining, together with the singer and violinist Annie Gårlid, the corporeal activity of music-making against a backdrop of the industry of classical music training, the construction of ‘talent’ and the production of stars: what reality does the body have on stage? What sort of artificiality emerges through ‘show business’ and the staging of the body?


A talk session, Sounds derived from culture –new music culture-, joined by Shinpei Kaiho from melting bot will be held after the performance.



Time table
19:00~ Door open
19:30~ Performance(~20:15)
20:30~ Talk session(~21:30)
DJ performance by Nozomu Matsumoto
~22:00 Close


The ticket is now available at Pass market.


We look forward to spending a feverous night with you.



We create and use lots of methods to make better musicians. We have produced a lot of great and historical stars, “talented” and “non talented” people. Many musicians begin their lessons when they are very young, either after their parents’ will or their own will. Famous music educator and violinist Suzuki Shinichi (1898-1998) said “talent is no accident of birth”. If talent already exists in embryo, then how is it manipulated and created as an artificial object after birth? And how it is going to resonate with others? Vol.0 is an experiment to render new possibilities as well as materialities and corporealities of the classical music education industry, economy, and politics through the sound and music experience.
– Nile Koetting



©Nile Koetting, Photo by Ink Agop




Nile Koetting
Nile Koetting is an artist currently lives and works in Berlin. Influenced by the information age in which he grew up, Koetting works with a diverse range of media, including text, film, performance, sound, and installation. His work is connected through the constant presence of the theme of “resonance” and “sensing”. After completing studies in media, sound art, in Tokyo and Helsinki, Koetting became active in installation work. Most of his installation work are based on the scientific research and also collaborative researches with scientists and philosophers. Koetting’s work has been presented at “Roppongi Crossing” (Mori Art Museum Tokyo), “3HD Festival” (Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin) and “New Sensorium” (ZKM, Karlsruhe) in 2016.


Annie Gårlid (Performer)
Annie Gårlid grew up on the North American eastern seaboard and lives in Berlin. She studied literature at Smith College, viola performance at New England Conservatory, early music at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne, and voice at the Schola Cantorum in Basel.
As a singer and viola player she is most interested in very old and very new forms of sound-related innovation as well as in its recontextualization and intersection with other media.
She works and has worked together with a number of young composers and artists, including Cat Lamb, Nile Koetting, Marc Sabat, Max Murray, Martin Hiendl, Cat Hope, Joe Shakespeare, Olle Holmberg, Stefan Maier, Niklas Seidl, Rishin Singh, Joseph Kurdika, and Henry Andersen. She plays and sings regularly with De Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, Handel & Haydn Society, Songs, Konzert Minimal, Arcades, and Arcadia Players.
In April she appeared at the Volksbühne as one of two performers in an opera by PAN label owner Bill Kouligas. She helps organize Pacific Bodies, a festival for performative installation, helps program a series for experimental music at Studio8 in Wedding, and works at CTM Festival.


Juan Felipe Amaya ( Drama Trugie – Light, sound)
Juan Filipe Amaya works in Berlin. Currently he studies dance, context, choreography at HZT in Berlin and works as performer, choreographer and dramaturg. He had first experiences with theatre as guest assistant at Deutsches Theater and Volksbühne Berlin. He studied dramaturgy and stage direction at Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Own works as director and author in Barcelona. In Berlin he works a.o. for Constanza Macras / Dorky Park and for Theater an der Parkaue. Collaboration with Nile Koetting since 2014.



1-33-10-3F Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 Japan
tel&fax. 81(0)3-6433-2988